Xiaomi’s completely wireless fast charging revolution

Xiaomi introduced its new hardware to the world, which will revolutionize the charging technology in smart devices at the event organized today. Xiaomi’s completely wireless charging revolution What is it, we discussed in detail.

What is Xiaomi Mi Air Charge technology?

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi made a surprise launch today. In this event, he introduced a new hardware that will revolutionize smart device technologies. What is Mi Air Charge Technology with its original name? We looked closely at the answer to the question. Have a good time.

What does Xiaomi Mi Air Charge offer?

Xiaomi, which we know with its innovative developments, introduced the Mi Air Charge product, which is basically a wireless charger. This technology, which seems to be a device but is different from other wireless devices as a working system, eliminates the need for a physical contact to charge your phone from now on.

Basically, this device, which resembles a “wireless router” technology, can charge nearby phones at the same time. Xiaomi also explained how this product works in its blog post on the official website.

First of all, the product has a 5-phase antenna array. These antennas detect the position of the phone. Using 144 antennas around the device, Xiaomi also transmits waves through these antennas. The product, which works with the classical wireless charging infrastructure, thus offers 5W charging to a phone standing a few meters away.

When a “wireless” situation is involved, one of the important points is undoubtedly human health. Xiaomi did not mention the adverse health effects of this product and called it a “technology demo”. The device, whose details we will see in the future, seems strong enough to cause the known methods of charging smart devices to be shelved.


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