Will those who advertise on Twitter be tried for ‘terrorism’?

Entered into force in October of last year ‘social media law’ In accordance with that opening a representative office in Turkey twitter, Periscope and PinterestAn advertising ban was imposed on. According to the law published today in the official newspaper, for terror crime can be sued.

Advertisement ban came to Twitter, Pinterest and Periscope

October 1, 2020 and which entered into force in public debate on ‘social law’, daily access to more than 1 million in Turkey, which in our country of foreign social media platforms representation to open obliges.

So far, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Dailymotion and VK they appoint representatives to Turkey in accordance with the law.

The world’s largest micro-blogging platform twitter however, it has not taken a step yet. Similarly, an application where you can discover new ideas in many areas such as cooking, craft, fitness, home decoration. Pinterest and live streaming service Periscope Also among the platforms delegation to Turkey.

Twitter advertising ban

Under the law, these three platforms, which were previously fined, are officially advertising ban has arrived. Moreover, those who advertise on these platforms ‘Law on Prevention of Financing of Terrorism’ It was announced that he could be tried under many laws, including.

Who posted on the subject on their personal Twitter account Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Ömer Fatih Sayan, “The“ Advertisement Ban ”, the third stage of the law that entered into force on 1 October 2020, was published in the Official Gazette. Law No. 7253 should be the official representative of overseas assignments Turkey-based social media companies, advertising will no longer be in our country “ used the expressions.

“Implementation of advertising ban; BTK, BRSA, CBRT, VDK and all related public institutions will carefully audit “ Saying Sayan, he said that Twitter and Pinterest, which still do not report their representative, hope they will take the necessary steps. Sayan also suggests that these platforms insist on not complying with the law. bandwidths will be narrowed warned.

With more than 340 million users worldwide as of 2020 figures twitterWe are in the first places in the list of countries that use the most. Turkey is currently 6th in the world with 11.8 million active users, while in Europe has ranked the 2nd.


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