When will Türksat 5A be launched? The countdown has begun

Turkey’s use of domestic technology and developed together with Airbus 5A satellite The end of December was previously signaled for. SpaceX to be launched by Turksat 5A With the last minute change, a new launch date was determined. But When will Türksat 5A be launched??

When will Turksat 5A be launched?

The launch day for our new satellite 5A, which will be launched by SpaceX with the Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket, was determined as January 5. Türksat 5A launch time Tuesday, January is 5 hours with Turkey, on the night of Monday to Tuesday 4.27 o’clock was determined. A new four-month journey will begin after the launch.

A page has also been created by Türksat where you can create a souvenir ticket for launch. From this page 5A launch There is also a countdown timer for.

During this time 31 degrees east Our satellite, which will move towards its orbit, will be put into service at the beginning of the second quarter of 2021, like May.

Turkey was a significant level in satellite technology, 5 A with 31 degrees east for the rights that exist in its orbit, it could have another 30 years. This orbit dominating the Middle East, Europe and Africa geography, 5 A new opportunities for Turkey and the coverage will bear.

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Accordingly, the new satellite has the capacity to broadcast in an important area from Central Asian countries to the Balkans, the Middle East and North African countries. 5 A will be launched after Turksat 5B with internet speed 56 Gbpswill come out.

5 A Turkey for the first time together with local and national satellite technologies brought together in this satellite. TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries) The satellite developed together with 20 percent domestic technologies were used.

Our satellites, which were previously produced for foreign companies, will become much more local with 5B, which is planned to be launched in June 2021.

Turkey 6A planned to launch into space in 2022 6B satellite aims to use 100% domestic technologies for Launch hour 4.27 the one Türksat 5A launch You can leave your opinion about the comments.


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