When is WhatsApp sitting at the table?

The TGNA Digital Media Commission, which held a meeting recently on the security of personal data, which came to the fore with Whatsapp’s new confidentiality agreement, is taking another critical step. The Commission will listen to representatives of social network providers such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, BiP and Yaay in the last week of January.

WhatsApp the owner of Facebook, will participate in the meeting if the subject of curiosity for opening representative offices in Turkey.

The TGNA Digital Media Commission convened on Wednesday under the chairmanship of AK Party Deputy Hüseyin Yayman and held a working meeting on WhatsApp’s new contract.

CHP Zonguldak Deputy Deniz Yavuzyılmaz, CHP Istanbul Deputy Honorary Adıgüzel, İYİ Party Ankara Deputy Ayhan Altıntaş, MHP Yozgat Deputy İbrahim Ethem Sedef, AK Party Yalova Deputy Ahmet Büyükgüş, AK Party Deputy Mehmet Şükrü Erdinç, AK Party Adana Deputy Mehmet Şükrü Erdinç, AK Party Balıkesir In the meeting attended by Istanbul Deputy Ravza Kavakcı Kan and AK Party Ankara Deputy Zeynep Yıldız; commission members evaluated data security, big data, digital literacy, digital migration and social media networks. The Commission will meet with relevant ministries and institutions, non-governmental organizations and experts as of next week.

The commission decided to listen to the representatives of social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok and communication applications such as WhatsApp, BiP and Yaay as part of the works to be carried out in the last week of January. Representatives of the relevant social media and communication applications will be invited to the commission and their opinions will be sought.

In the press release made after the last meeting of the commission, “We do not find it right to share data with third parties with the current privacy policies of digital channels that come up with Whatsapp. Our commission clearly never accepts Whatsapp’s new contract imposition ”.


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