When is the second party Chinese vaccine coming? Here is the date

Coronavirus Vaccination studies continue rapidly all over the world to slow the epidemic and create immunity. also exist in Turkey 1 million 187 thousand 113 person Coronavirus Vaccine has been. In total 3.5 million doses of vaccine Turkey has reached in the first place. President Tayyip Erdoğan After the Friday prayer, Chinese vaccine for how many million doses of second batch vaccine Will be going and when he replied to the questions will come to Turkey.

How much dose will the Chinese coronavirus vaccine reach in the second batch?

President Erdogan, Answered the questions of the press members after the Friday prayers. According to this Chinese vaccine CoronaVac produced by SinoVac company when the second party will come. Erdogan:

“Currently on the vaccine our second batch of vaccine if it happens, so its approval came from China, most likely this weekend may come up. Our expectation 10 million We will continue our vaccinations for those who stay in this age group nursing homes and so on. Of course by the way again Science boardWith the work to be done, the staging will be determined exactly and the vaccination process will continue within that stage. ” answered in the form.

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the first dose of the vaccine continues to work for health workers currently in Turkey. Among the groups in the first phase of the vaccination schedule Citizens over 65 between Over 90 and 85-89 years old Vaccination studies have also begun for the elderly in the range. New future 10 million doses of vaccine After that, vaccination studies are expected to progress even faster.

Can restaurants and cafes be reopened?

President, Restaurant and Cafe The question of when businesses such as:

Restaurant management If the subject is, hopefully, we will reconsider the evaluation of this in our cabinet meeting. Because we have concerns, unfortunately, although they say ‘we will hold it tight’, they have been said before, unfortunately it is not held tightly. Currently there is a successful process. We don’t want to reverse this successful process, get under something like that, take that risk. We say that we should carry out this process carefully, we can carry it out successfully, but we look at the data we have, and according to that data, a stretch can be made if necessary. answered in the form.

Chinese coronavirus vaccine Phase 3 studies have not been announced yet. However, especially in the elderly population undergoing severe disease and in a much more efficient that Turkey has emerged in studies conducted in Brazil and Indonesia. Correct information and current data on the coronavirus vaccination application, the official Ministry of Health opened for the vaccination study from the site you can reach.


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