WhatsApp was on the agenda on Twitter! Here are the responses

Popular messaging app WhatsApp, user data After the announcement to be shared with Facebook, it became the agenda in social media. Many people who accepted the new terms of WhatsApp, which changed the user agreement, complained about the situation.

WhatsApp’s user agreement changed, Twitter stood up

Facebook’s 19 billion dollars before the WhatsApp purchased with the price; that data will remain confidential and that the partnership with Facebook will not change the platform’s core values. However, this promise was not kept.

WhatsApp, user data With Facebook to be shared Shortly after he made his statement, he also made changes to the user agreement. Those who do not accept this contract 8 February As of now will not be able to use WhatsApp. You can see the contract below.

WhatsApp user agreement

As of today WhatsApp users new terms of service and with privacy policy related in-app notification started. This notification received some information on how WhatsApp will process the data. Those who approved these changes without reading shared their complaints on social media.

Below you can see some of the posts about the changes made by WhatsApp in the user agreement on Twitter.


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