WhatsApp turns into a shop counter with ‘Baskets’

WhatsApp continues its shopping-oriented moves without slowing down. The application has just announced ‘WhatsApp Baskets feature’ turns into a shop counter with. The popular platform also explained the details of this feature in a blog post. it happened.

What you need to know about WhatsApp Baskets feature

It is a known fact that people are turning to more online shopping due to the coronavirus. For this reason, WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, has also activated its feature called Baskets. WhatsApp defines the feature as follows:

WhatsApp Baskets feature

WhatsApp is quickly turning into a shop counter used to talk about products and coordinate sales. Catalogs allowed users to easily view the products and services offered, and helped businesses organize their conversations about specific products. As more and more purchases are made through chats, we want to make the buying and selling experience even easier.

We are excited to introduce baskets feature on WhatsApp as of today. Baskets; Ideal for sending messages to businesses that often sell multiple items at once, such as local restaurants or clothing stores. Thanks to baskets, users can browse catalogs, select multiple products, and send their orders to the business as a single message. This makes it easier for businesses to follow questions about orders, manage requests from customers, and finalize sales..

Expressing that the baskets feature is very easy to use WhatsAppsays that users can find the products they want and click “add to cart”. When the user completes his transaction, he can send the cart as a message to the company. More on the baskets feature from here you can reach.


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