WhatsApp stepped back news was unfounded

News from CNN and Armoya Yüksek Teknoloji CEO & Co-Founder Tuncay Uludağ, which started on social media and popular social media platforms such as Instagram, wrote that WhatsApp was returning from its controversial decision. These statements, which are not made from official sources, do not reflect the truth. The issue that WhatsApp, which was put forward as an allegation, returned from its decision, which grew like an avalanche, entered the agenda of social media. WhatsApp data policy decision has not backed down about yet.

The WhatsApp data policy decision still stands: Don’t believe the false news!

The sharing that started on Twitter continued on Instagram. These unfounded claims made for WhatsApp are WhatsApp It spread in the groups in a short time. CNN International The fact that there is no such news on CNN side shows that the news is baseless.

Internet news sites and social media accounts that share news one by one without source confirmation lose their reliability. This incident, which once again reveals the importance of news verification, proves that not only journalists but also everyone using social media should be more careful.

Unfounded news appeared on social media as follows:

WhatsApp data policy decision

The confidentiality agreement offered by WhatsApp to users and asking for consent to share personal information on Facebook is still valid. Users If he wants to continue using WhatsApp 8 February 2021 It must approve this confidentiality agreement by date.

After the WhatsApp incidents, Instagram also restricted some shares shared with the WhatsApp tag:


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