WhatsApp is on the agenda this time with ‘dangerous virus’

WhatsApp has been on the agenda for a long time due to its confidentiality agreement. After that, it turned out that a virus was spread over WhatsApp under the name of the Huawei mobile application. WhatsApp virusIt spreads through the message and notifications in the first place, then the fast response feature on the main screen.

Malware that causes sending messages to people in their contacts beyond the control of users has been announced on Twitter and it is stated that caution is required.

WhatsApp virus is spreading in a short time: Be careful!

Lukas Stefanko, a virus program researcher at ESET, shared this virus he noticed on Twitter. Your virus’Google PlayIt is stated that it is a ‘looking website.

As a result of clicking the automatically thrown link, the virus is downloaded to the phone. Called Huawei Mobile but Huawei The person’s phone is infected with a virus when the confirmation option is pressed to download and install the application that has nothing to do with it.

Lukas Stefanko In the video he shared on Twitter: “This malware checks any WhatsApp message notification received and spreads from the victim’s phone to other users.”

Virus software is basically asking users for access permission for notification. WhatsApp It starts automatically responding to messages coming through and this connection is dropped.

The virus uses WhatsApp’s fast response feature, which enables it to respond to incoming messages directly via notifications. People who clicked the link With a fake app page in the Google Play interface encounters. This virus software, which sends a download notification, takes over the phone after the user approves.

Users who receive such messages should not click the link and download any files from there.


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