WhatsApp became the agenda after its step back on Twitter

WhatsApp privacy agreement to update back step scored and change would be mandatory historical From February 8 May 15announced that it was postponed to. This development had a great impact on social media. Thousands of posts about the subject were made on Twitter.

WhatsApp is the # 1 agenda item of social media

The messaging service, which wanted to change the user agreement, announced that the information that ‘private data will be shared with Facebook’ did not reflect the truth and announced that it postponed the date of the contract.

WhatsApp privacy statement

Popular messaging application WhatsApp has made its change to the date of the confidentiality agreement, “Many alarming there is wrong information and everyone our principles and facts We want to help him understand. ” While expressing with his statement, he claimed that there would be no violation of privacy. However, there were many users who did not believe this statement on social media.

While people who did not find the explanation unrealistic complained about the subject on Twitter, some users also made humorous posts. Below you can see some posts about the subject.


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