WhatsApp alternative 5 applications! Here are the differences

Renewed by Facebook WhatsApp user agreement conditions, 8 February will become mandatory as of. This new agreement, which includes the sharing of user data with Facebook, WhatsApp alternative messaging apps caused a call.

WhatsApp alternative messaging apps

WhatsApp alternative apps In our list, we have gathered 5 different applications that do not share personal data. Holding the title of richest businessman in the world Elon Musk suggested by Signal and domestic communication application BiP tops this list. Telegram Apart from the application that has been using crypto messaging technology for a long time, different alternatives have also become stronger against WhatsApp. Here are those apps:


By Turkcell Android and iOS BiP, a messaging application developed for devices, includes many features that are and are not in WhatsApp, from money transfer to file transfer, especially the lost message.

While you are allowed to create large groups of up to 1000 people, you can message people who speak different languages ​​much more easily thanks to the instant translation feature.

The application is not limited to Turkcell, it can be used by anyone, independent of the operator. BiP App Store, Google Play Store and you can download it from Huawei AppGallery.

WhatsApp alternative suggested by Elon Musk: Signal

Signal, although it has come to the fore recently, it was actually first on May 25, 2010. Google Play published on. However, the application took its current form until 2018. Telegram The application, which has encrypted messaging feature such as, has been using end-to-end encryption since the day it first appeared.

Signal features

This private encryption is open source and Signal community is constantly being developed by. In this sense Signalhas a structure supported by independent developers and standing by donations.

Signal account deletion You can perform the process by entering your profile and easily pressing the account deletion button. Again Signal It is also possible to make secret messages thanks to the encrypted stickers offered by Provides end-to-end encryption in group chats Signalalso has authentication feature.

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For a secure chat, it is possible to secure your identity by scanning a fingerprint or a data matrix on the application. The application activates the trust mechanism at first use to inform the user when a person’s key changes.

Such as voicemail, picture message, adding stickers to photos and sending gifs WhatsApp key features also SignalIncluded in. App Android version from here, iOS If the version from here you can download.

Signalis an application that does not receive advertising. The platform, which is growing day by day, is currently standing by donations. Standing out with not receiving advertisements and not sharing personal data with third parties WhatsApp alternative to Signal app Have you used? We are waiting your comments.


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