What was the most read in 2020 on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia It is one of the digital encyclopedias that many people go to while doing research. The popular digital encyclopedia published the most read titles in 2020. Topics of the most read in 2020 on Wikipedia:

In Wikipedia, the topic of the epidemic is among the most read topics in 2020!

Wikipedia started digital broadcasting exactly 20 years ago. Although the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčevery user entering and changing the information in the first place gave ‘insecurity’, Wikipedia became one of the most popular platforms in the future. Still, many people enter Wikipedia while making their searches on the browser. The platform, which has developed quite a lot over the years and has articles in many languages, contains billions of data.

For those who lost themselves in the internet, computer and phone triangle, Wikipedia shares the most read topics and articles in 2020. Of course, the coronavirus epidemic takes its place in the first place, unsurprisingly. In the top 10, we encounter the presidential elections of the USA. The coronavirus and the US presidential elections tops Wikipedia’s most read list.

Most read headlines and click-through rates on Wikipedia;

Topics of the most read in 2020 on Wikipedia-01

COVID-19 Pandemic 83 million 504 thousand,

Donald Trump, 55 million 472 thousand,

Deaths in 2020 are 42 million 262 thousand 147,

-Kamala Harris, 38 million 319 thousand 706,

-Joe Biden, 34 million 281 thousand 120,

-Coronavirus, 32 million 957 thousand 565,

-Kobe Bryant, 32 million 863 thousand 656,

COVID-19 outbreak, 28 million 575 thousand 982 by countries and regions,

-2020 US presidential elections, 24 million 313 thousand 110,

-Queen Elizabeth II, 24 million 147 thousand 675.


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