What is the coronavirus vaccine? Technologies used at work

Delivering the whole world in 2020 coronavirus or more accurately, this virus is caused by Covid-19 diseasechanged our lives like never before. Especially living in Germany Prof. Dr. Uğur Şahin and his wife Dr. Ozlem Türeci developed by BioNTech coronavirus vaccineseems to be prominent all over the world.

in Turkey too SinoVac coronavirus vaccine originating in ChinaFirst, it was hit by Health Director Fahrettin Koca and members of the Scientific Committee. Later President Recep Tayyip ErdoganThe vaccine was shot and invited the public to be vaccinated for the non-mandatory vaccine.

Featured vaccines and success rates for coronavirus vaccine

It is important for you to stand out in the world Coronavirus Vaccine We brought together the effects and working principles of the species. But developed by Russia, China, USA, Germany and England coronavirus vaccines What are the differences between?

In our dossier, the SinoVac vaccine originating in China We also tried to explain what the resulting results actually mean.

BioNTech / Pfizer coronavirus vaccine

Coronavirus One of the first successful vaccination studies was carried out by Germany. Even former US President Donald Trump stepped in for this vaccine, which we did not know which company developed at first, and asked for the vaccine to be sold to the USA. At that time, Germany sharply rejected this offer.

However, this vaccine is making us proud today. BioNTech vaccine was not. Still today phase 3 continuing work, CureVac Company was actually the company that developed the first successful mRNA vaccine.

Later we learned that the owners are of Turkish origin BioNTech firm came to the fore. Prof. Dr. Uğur Şahin and Ozlem Türeciin a much smaller laboratory than pharmaceutical giants, BioNTech vaccine developed.

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One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies Pfizer with BioNTechroads of 2018 for the first time flu shot crossed to improve. This union between two companies, Coronavirus Vaccine and enabled the two companies to act together to develop. First studies for vaccination January 2020 That is, exactly a year ago, when coronavirus cases started to increase in China.

But USA, England and European union The first vaccine to receive approval from the (EU) BioNTech vaccine What features does it have?

What is the mRNA vaccine, especially the BioNTech vaccine, how does it work?

Finally, two Turkish scientists on the Time cover Uğur Şahin and Ozlem Türeci The first successful developed by Coronavirus Vaccinefirst tried in vaccine technology with mRNA technology was produced.

In fact, although there are drugs produced with this technology, there is a very different working principle compared to the vaccine technologies used so far.

But BioNTech developed by What is mRNA vaccine, how does it work? Both BioNTech and developed in the USA Modernauses mRNA vaccine technology. However, this technology is not new and was first tested in 1990.

The technology that was first tried on mice caused the vaccine inflammation in mice, ie the immune system to overwork and the mice to die.

BioNTech researcher Drew weismann and Katalin Karikó with a patent received in 2010 by mRNA Overworking the immune system due to vaccinations was also prevented. To achieve this, the synthetic RNA produced was covered with a special oil layer. This special layer has a structure that prevents the immune system from overreacting.

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Actually today BioNTech The reason we talk about its success is due to this technology. Can be produced in a much shorter time than traditional vaccines mRNA vaccinesa synthetic version of the RNA that the virus uses to produce proteins. produces.

This synthetic RNABy deceiving the immune system, it provides the body’s immunity against the coronavirus genetic code.

BioNTech vaccine and success rate

Made to last mutated virus trials too BioNTech vaccine certified its success. 16 different types seen around the world, except England and South Africa coronavirus Against the mutation BioNTech vaccine has shown success.

BioNTech vaccineis one of three vaccines that have completed the phase 3 preliminary studies. Although some other European and US-sourced vaccines continue their third phase studies, many developed countries have placed their pre-orders for these vaccines.

Phase 3 Although their studies include the long-term effects of the vaccine, WHO (World Health Organization) coronavirus outbreak vaccine trials in a high number of subjects in phase 3 and emergency use permit to take 50 percent finds it sufficient to have an effect. BioNTech vaccine, on the other hand, is 95 percent effective in two doses and provides immunity.

But mRNA vaccines Although their success rates are high, they are at a disadvantage compared to other vaccines in terms of storage conditions. BioNTech vaccine -70 degrees, Moderna vaccine if At -20 degrees can be stored intact. BioNTech vaccine 21 days It is administered in two doses apart. Two doses for the Moderna vaccine 28 days applied in between.

The hitting of vaccine doses for such a long time is due to the time the body produces antibodies after the first dose. A second dose is given to increase the effective number of antibodies in the immune system and a more permanent protection is planned.

The mRNA vaccine prices are as follows:

BioNTech vaccine price is per dose 19.5 dollarsif in two doses 39 dollars shaped.

Moderna vaccine per dose 25-37 dollars in a range like. Two-dose vaccine 50-74 dollars has the price.

Moderna vaccine in, 90 percent with a success rate above. For the moment both Moderna as well as BioNTech vaccine has been ordered by many countries.

In fact, Canada has reached the vaccine capacity that can make 10 vaccines for each citizen with pre-orders. If India 2 billion 200 doses with the highest number of vaccine orders. Of course, not all of these ordered vaccines have yet completed phase 3 studies.

The side effects of the vaccine were explained by the company as headache, fatigue, chills, fever, nausea, muscle and joint pain. Let us remind you that other coronavirus vaccines have similar side effects.


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