What is Disk Defragmenting? How is it done?

Performance of hard drives falling as time goes by and this is directly computer speed affecting. When you click on an application, it waits longer, if you experience screen stuttering, you can use the disk defragmentation process that has been included in Windows for years. How to defragment disk? We answered the question in detail.

Our personal computers can lose their efficiency day by day. Especially files loaded onto the computer over time can cause some problems. One of these problems is the corruption of the files on the hard disk. Corrupted files on the disk make it difficult for your computer to find these files because they are divided into multiple parts. In this case your computer to work slower, muscle and freezing It causes events such as. However, there is a very simple method to fix this problem. Defragmentation Let’s take a closer look at the solution of this problem that can be eliminated with.

What is disk defragmentation?

Windows The defragmentation process, which is used to repair your hard disks on your computer, is a very useful solution. Your files that are corrupted or fragmented over time, defragmentation method, you can prevent certain problems.

What is disk defragmentation?

If you need a much more detailed (technical) answer to this question, just click on the link below.

How to defragment disk?

6 steps The resulting disk defragmentation process can be done without any technical knowledge. You can perform disk defragmentation sequentially as follows;

Go to the “Start” section of your Windows computer.

Type “merge” in the search field in the Start section.

In the window that opens, click on “Defragment and Optimize Drives”.

Select the drive you want to defragment.

If your disk is fragmented, click the “Recover” button

If your disk is not fragmented according to the warning, check the “Optimize” option.

In what situations is disk defragmentation done?

On your computer slowdown, muscle or freezing If you started seeing things like this frequently, it is quite possible that your files on your disk are damaged. In this case Windows You can test whether your disk needs defragmentation and take action according to the required result. You can follow these steps to find out if the drive on your computer needs defragmentation;

Open the required page by typing “Disk defragmenter” in the Start button.

Select the disk you want to defrag under “Current status” in the window that opens.

Click “Analyze disk” to see if your disk needs defragmentation.

After Windows has finished analyzing the disk, check the percentage of fragmentation on the disk in the “last run” column. If this ratio is 10 percent or more, your disk needs defragmentation.

What is disk defragmentation? You can find an answer to the question with this type of simple method and Windows you can increase the productivity of your computer.


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