What are the best VPN apps for iPhone?

Opening ‘Virtual Private Network ‘ the one VPN applications is becoming more important day by day. VPN applications with increasing use every year, data breaches, privacy issues and prohibitions It is now among the bedside applications in the digital world for reasons such as. Also on mobile phones iPhone VPN apps and Android VPN apps are very popular.

VPN usecompared to last year Number of downloads in 12 months, up 54% Over 480 million Of course, it is very important which VPN applications will be preferred. That’s why we don’t recommend using free VPNs. Because, in case of using unreliable and accessible VPN applications, your data can go into the wrong hands and you may encounter serious problems.

VPN applications, which we will use for a certain fee, allow you to surf the Internet securely by giving you more freedom. You will also have access to all the features of VPN applications for which you pay a certain fee, and you will not encounter restrictions such as speed limit or time limit as in free VPN applications. If one iPhone If you are a user and you cannot decide which VPN application is best for you, Best VPN apps for iPhone You can have a look at our list.

What is iPhone VPN?

Let’s briefly talk about VPN before going on the list. VPN “Virtual Private Network” is the abbreviation of words and means “Virtual Private Network”. In very rough terms, it offers a special and secure connection type within the classic internet connection with the server on the opposite side. There is a VPN setting or program on the device (VPN Client) that will make a VPN connection. With this setting or program, a connection to the VPN server is established. However, since this connection was encrypted in a special way, it was impossible for others to access the information passing in this tunnel. Let’s talk about using iPhone VPN. To use VPN apps on your device, follow the steps below.

  • Tap Settings on your home screen.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap on VPN.
  • If you have a VPN client, you can tap the VPN client you want to enable or disable.
  • Change the status switch to ‘Connected’ or ‘Not Connected’ to turn VPN on or off.

1. Surfshark VPN app and features

VPN for iPhone


  • Simple interface
  • Identity data is never recorded
  • Affordable
  • 65 countries and 3200 servers
  • Possibility to use on unlimited devices
  • Has premium possibilities such as malware, ad blocking
  • Works smoothly on platforms like Netflix
  • Download speed of 70 Mbps and above
  • Turkish language support


  • Limitation of P2P server at low speeds

Which we put first on our list Surfshark VPNdeserves to be in the first place due to its features and affordable price. Never non-registration of identity data Surfshark VPN appears before the user with a very simple and easy design in terms of interface. Based in British Virgin Island, this application 70+ Mbps It gets ahead of rival VPN applications with its download speed.

Surfshark, which has many premium opportunities such as malware and ad blocking, also offers its users unlimited It provides the opportunity to use it on the device. In this way, you can use Surfshark VPN application on as many devices as you want with a single subscription.

One of the drawbacks of the application was that it served in 65 countries. With more servers over the past year, Surfshark has experienced a certain drop in its servers. However, Surfshark, which closes the decrease in servers with its speed, VPN for iPhone if you are looking for an app two-year plan for monthly 2.49 $ waiting to serve you with a subscription fee.

2.ExpressVPN features

VPN for iPhone


  • 3,200 servers in 94 countries
  • One of the fastest VPNs
  • Identity data are never recorded
  • With a single click, the fastest country is automatically selected and the connection is provided.
  • Very easy to use with its user-friendly interface
  • Turkish language support is available
  • Supports virtual currency as payment method
  • Prevents your private data from being exposed in case your connection is interrupted with Kill Switch
  • Full-note customer support


VPN for iPhone you are looking for an app, ExpressVPN may be suitable for you. Exactly 3,200 servers in 94 countries Serving with, this application offers you a very good experience by blending speed and quality. User-friendly interface and Turkish language support One of the most preferred VPN applications due to its ExpressVPN, iPhone stands out as an application that you can easily download for your device.

As we mentioned above, ExpressVPN never logs your identity data, unlike free VPN apps that can put your security at risk. Kill Switch With its feature, it constantly checks your connection with the VPN server. If your connection is unintentionally disconnected, Kill Switch cuts your device from accessing the internet. With Kill Switch, your internet connection is blocked until your connection is restored and your confidential data is prevented from being exposed.

ExpressVPN, which cares deeply about your security and is also very fast, seems to have reflected its qualities in the subscription fee. Monthly 7 $This application, which has a subscription fee of 1, may be suitable for you if you say you want full security and speed at the same level.

3.NordVPN features

VPN for iPhone


  • Special software for iPhones
  • More than 5,200 servers in 62 countries
  • Possibility to connect six different devices at the same time
  • High level of security
  • Kill Switch feature
  • Supports 256-bit encryption (AES)
  • Identity data are never saved
  • Very easy to use
  • Allows payment with virtual currency
  • Connection speed increased even more with WireGuard-based NordLynx
  • Turkish language support


  • Its design is a bit old compared to other VPN apps
  • Your connection may be slow due to double VPN encryption

One of the first applications that comes to mind when it comes to VPN NordVPN, For long years iPhone serves successfully on the side. iOS operating system specific software found NordVPN stands out with its high-level security measures. If you are looking for a VPN app for iPhone, this NordVPN, which you can download safely in six different devices allows you to use. It also attaches great importance to your privacy by not saving Identity data in any way.

With the Kill Switch feature, it offers users a high-level secure connection experience by blocking your internet in case of disconnection, just like in the ExpressVPN application, and preventing potential data and DNS leaks. This VPN application, which is very easy to use, allows you to access the fastest connection with one click.

NordVPN offers above average performance, 30-day full refund offers the possibility. If you do not like the performance of the application, you can get back the subscription fee you paid within 30 days. NordVPN, which gives the user a lot of trust and is among the best VPN apps for iPhone, two years approximate for a plan $ 4It demands a subscription fee of.

4.IPVanish features

VPN for iPhone


  • More than 1,600 servers in 75 countries
  • Connection possibility on unlimited devices at the same time
  • Customizable application content
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Full refund within 7 days
  • Offers unlimited P2P streaming traffic
  • High level of security
  • Identity data are never registered


  • No premium features like ad blocking
  • Application interface is not user friendly
  • Turkish language support is not available
  • The price is high

First, reaching more than 1,600 servers in 75 countries from only 30 servers in 2012 IPVanish, if iPhone If you are looking for a VPN application for you, it is exactly right for you. This IPVanish, which has a high level of privacy policy, 256 bit AES using encryption method. Using the same encryption method as the US government, this VPN app may be suitable for you if you want complete privacy.

IPVanishallows you to make the settings you want. If you are looking for complete control over the application, such as creating visual graphs of your internet activity, changing LAN connection options, IPVanish will meet your requests to the fullest.

IPVanish, whose design is a bit complicated because it is a customized VPN application, is one of the highly preferred VPN applications despite the minuses such as the absence of Turkish language support and ad blocking features. One year plan for about 7 $” subscription fee IPVanish, iPhone It is one of the VPN applications that you can safely download to your device.

If you are using an iPhone, you can share with us which VPN application you prefer and why in the comments.


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