War between Epic Games and Apple heats up

Popular digital game provider Epic Games, Australian regulatory authorities Apple’s “anti-competition”Warns about its applications. In another episode of the war between Epic Games and Apple, the game company now relates to Apple’s App Store “anti-competitiveAgainst “practices Australian Competition and Consumer Commission(ACCC). According to Epic, this behavior of Apple and its “unlimited market power” could harm consumers.

Water does not stop at Epic Games and Apple

Epic Games, Cupertino-based company FortniteHe sued Apple last year in Australia after removing it from the App Store. While the case continues, Epic GamesAnother move came from. Game The provider company warns Australia’s market regulator to take some action against Apple.

Epic Games has signed up for Apple to “offer developers paid apps on the App Store”.Apple tax“What they call 30 percent He continues to argue and blame that his forcing to pay commissions is about using his power. Note that this commission also applies to purchases for the app that affect products sold in games like Fortnite.

Users, iOSin App Store Epic argues that Apple has somehow abused developers with its fees and rules, since they cannot easily install apps from elsewhere. In a presentation to ACCC, Epic stated that Apple has “unlimited market power” and this “It could cause serious harm to Australian consumers” expressed.

The company also claims that if Apple and Google charge lower rates from developers, consumers will pay less for apps, games and other digital content.

In addition, Australian consumers have applied to Apple’s in-app content purchases. 30 percent Let us point out that you will pay not all of the tax, but a part. With this move, it is thought that single digit fees received financially will be more consistent, and transactions will exist in an open and competitive environment.

Epic Games also supports Apple and Google “Competition, fair access and selection in a way that facilitates innovation, consumer value for money” said it should work.

In November last year, Apple, App Store in years with 1 million dollars developers who earn up to the company 15 percent He launched a new program that allows him to pay a lower commission. However, this FortniteEpic Games still returns to the App Store. 30 percent It does not change the fact that he will have to pay commission.

As it is known, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store. Because Epic Games, Apple’s In-App Purchase system and implemented its own payment processing system for in-app purchases.

Finally, the war between the two companies is escalating and drifting into uncertainty. Two parties this year United States of AmericaIt will reveal a legal struggle with the trial to be made in. It is thought that the course of the situation will become clearer after this struggle.


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