Volkswagen’s electric vehicle charging robot appeared

Many automaking companies are taking steps to transition to electric vehicles. One of them is the German automaker Volkswagen. The German giant, which has been on the agenda with the charging robot developed to charge electric vehicles for a while, allows us to see the robot in a video it has just shared. Volkswagen electric vehicle charging robot It has the look we are used to from science fiction movies.

Volkswagen electric vehicle charging robot appeared

A brief introduction of the charging robot that has been on the agenda for a while video connecting with the user Volkswagenshows in concrete how the robot is. Many people expected to see this robot, which we normally see as a prototype, in action. Both the colors used and the appearance of the eyes and mouth on the screen positioned on the top of the robot added a cute atmosphere to the robot.

Volkswagen electric vehicle charging robot-00

This mobile electric car charging robot can communicate with the vehicle through the application. Thus, charging becomes much easier thanks to the established connection. The mobile charging system can also be used to charge other electric vehicles, but Volkswagen It is said to work more integrated with model cars.

It has not yet been announced when the robot will be available. The charging robot is expected to appear in a few years at best.


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