Volkswagen company decided to close in Turkey

VolkswagenCompany established in Manisa in October 2019 decided to liquidate. The liquidation notice was published in the Manisa Registry Gazette.

Volkswagen Turkey, the company is closing in Manisa

German automotive giant Volkswagen founded in Manisa in October 2019 Volkswagen Turkey Automotive Industry and Trade Corporation, It went into liquidation on 17 December. The decision to enter into liquidation was also registered by the Trade Registry Office.

The company previously suspended its investments, including the Manisa investment, under pandemic conditions. Additional investment of 500 million euro in Slovakia He stated that it would be done.

volkswagen turkey liquidation

The company made a call to creditors for liquidation on 28 December.

Volkswagen to invest in Turkey in October 2019 943 million 500 thousand TL capital founded the company titled Volkswagen Turkey Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi in Manisa.

A review of the investment plan for the period who entered the start of the pandemic period, the company has announced that it will suspend its investments in Turkey in July. In the statement, which stated that the pandemic has serious social and economic consequences and that economic growth will slow down significantly all over the world, “We need at least 2 – 3 years to overcome the crisis and reach the sales figures we planned before the pandemic. statement was included.


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