Very important COVID-19 discovery by Turkish researchers

Turkish scientists, infected more than 100 million people worldwide COVID-19 He made a very important discovery about Researchers from Istanbul University found that people with the Mannan Binding Protein (MBL2) gene B variant are more vulnerable to the new type of coronavirus.

People with MBL2 gene B variant have 10 times more risk of disease

The new normal of the whole world new type of coronavirus or as COVID-19 continues to cost the lives of millions of people, Turkish scientistsrevealed a very critical mystery about the nature of the virus.

Ntv.com.trAccording to the report of Ayşegül Engür Dahi, scientists from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Mannan Binding Protein (MBL2) to gene B variant revealed that the risk of getting the disease is 10 times higher and the probability of being taken to intensive care is approximately 3 times higher.

Turkish scientists

The researchers, who examined the genetic codes of 284 COVID-19 patients, compared these data with samples of a control group of 100 healthy people. As a result of the investigations, it was seen that the B genotype of the MBL2 gene was more common among the COVID-19 cases in the control group.

To the B genotype of the MBL2 gene, 10.9 percent of COVID-19 patients more frequent scientists, in the control group, this rate was only 1 percent determined that.

COVID-19 outbreak

The researchers also have a reference to the A genotype in multivariate analyzes adjusted for age, gender and MBL2 genetic variants. COVID-19 patients compared with. Patients with the B or B genotypes were demonstrated to have a higher risk of severe disease, while the odds ratio for severe disease was: for the B genotype, respectively. 5.3 percentFor genotype A 2.9 percent was determined.

Additionally, people with the B genotype intensive care admission rates observing that the probability of being admitted to intensive care is higher for the B genotype. 19.6 percentIf for AB genotype 6.9 percent announced that it was.

Relationship between genetic factors and COVID-19 revealed

To ntv.com.tr regarding this important study explaining Instructor Doctor Alpay Medetalibeyoğlu, “Our study revealed the violence between genetic factors and COVID-19. The presence of B variants of the MBL2 gene in codon 54 that are associated with lower MBL2 levels may in some ways pose a high risk for a more severe clinical course of COVID-19 ” said.

The immunity of people with this genotype is not at a level to defeat the disease or is one of the main causes of death of COVID-19 patients. blood coagulation and cytokine to the storm Medetalibeyoğlu stated that they discovered that they were more vulnerable to “Our findings suggest the future use of MBL protein as potential therapeutic agents. However, we also recommend that individuals with B variants be given priority during vaccination studies. He spoke in the form.


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