US companies’ ‘Huawei license’ was revoked

Preparing to transfer his seat in the White House in the coming days US President Donald Trump, The Chinese technology giant HuaweiHe signed another decision that would put him in a difficult situation. Washington management, Shenzhen-based firm from many companies in the US, including Intel to supply products banned.

Huawei license of companies in the USA has been revoked

Since taking office in 2016, there has been a wide-ranging trade war U.S. President Trump, the world’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huaweiis an existential threat to US national security and foreign policy interests.

Trump, who blacklisted the Shenzhen-based company in May 2019 and prevented it from doing business with American companies, made another very critical move to narrow Huawei’s range of action, just days before the term expires.

US companies license huawei

Reuters information transferred According to Washington government, chip maker Intel and to Huawei’s suppliers in the US, including the Chinese company, that licenses have been revoked. Stating that eight licenses were withdrawn from four companies, Reuters used to be among these companies. Toshiba Memory Corp Japanese manufacturer of flash memory chips known as Kioxia CorpHe stated that there was also.

At the center of the US and China’s war for global technological domination Huaweirecently, many companies, including Intel 280 billion dollars had filed a license application worth. It is stated in the report that the vast majority of the 150 applications were rejected due to national security concerns.

Huawei denies spying allegations

The Trump administration has put Huawei on the target board multiple times in different ways during its four-year tenure. The company’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested in Canada on the orders of the United States in December 2018. Huawei’s founder’s daughter, Meng, has been accused of breaking the US embargo on Iran.

For the Chinese army he spied on denied the allegations that Huawei claimed not guilty against the indictment, which included allegations of violating US sanctions against Iran and conspiring to steal trade secrets from American tech companies.

Joe Biden, who will take the oath of the post as US President on Wednesday, is quite fluffy. Huawei file waiting. We will see how the Washington government will follow a path regarding China and Huawei in the coming days.


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