UK investigates Nvidia’s acquisition of ARM

GPU manufacturer Nvidia, originating in England in recent months ARMhad bought. ARM is a company that has made a name in the industry with its semiconductors and chip designs. Actually ARMis a company that does not manufacture processors, only designs processors and sells these designs to other manufacturers.

UK will be able to block Nvidia’s deal if it deems necessary

ARM, United Kingdomprovides employment to 3 thousand people in. The UK will monitor the product prices and the quality of the products, not the rights of those employed in this acquisition. UK Competition and Markets AuthorityFinds that the UK has violated antitrust laws Nvidiawill have the power to prevent the agreement of.

Head of the UK Competition and Markets Authority Andrea Coscelli “The chip technology industry is worth billions of dollars and is critical to many of the products we use in our daily lives. We will work closely with other competition authorities around the world to carefully evaluate the impact of the deal and ensure that consumers do not encounter more expensive or inferior products. ” gave place to his words.

ARM in 2016 Japanese Softbank by For 32 billion dollars It was an independent public company before it was acquired. September 2020Nvidia announced its takeover of ARM. Shortly after this takeover ARM CEO‘That Simon segarsthat the agreement is approved by other competition regulators around the world. Up to 18 months He said it would last. ARM designs and licenses chips for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. ARM’s designs Qualcomm, Samsung and many other manufacturers Apple, A14 and M1 Mac using it on their processors.


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