Twitter announced its interaction boosting feature

Similar to Instagram Stories in the past months Fleet Announcing its feature, the company is now preparing for more interaction for users. Twitter, Snapchat sharing Thanks to its feature, it will enable users to reach more people.

Twitter is on the agenda with its Snapchat sharing feature

Aiming to reach more visitors, Twitter expands its sharing options. Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook Screenshots of the Tweets that receive the most interaction are shared on social media platforms such as The company, which wants to avoid this situation, will save users from the trouble of taking screenshots thanks to its new sharing options.

Twitter is on the agenda with its Snapchat sharing feature

The sharing feature, which was first tested with Snapchat, is only for now. iOS users can be realized by. Android Stating that the Snapchat sharing feature will be activated for its users in the near future, the company announced that it will add a similar feature to other social media platforms.

You can test the new feature by checking the sharing options on any Tweet. The Tweet you want to share will appear as a sticker on the Snapchat screen and users can post to the shared Tweet address. swiping up can access.

The new feature, which is more practical and accessible than Tweets shared by taking a screenshot, will be active for Instagram in the short term, according to the claims.


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