Türksat 5A Satellite launched into space with Falcon 9 rocket

Türksat 5A communication satellite, after a long and curious wait Elon Musk ‘Company Space X’s Falcon 9 rocket was launched into space. ShiftDelete.Net YouTube The launch, which we transmitted live from the channel, took place from the Cape Canaveral Space Launch Center in Florida.

Türksat 5A officially started its journey in space

The French Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Airbus D&S company developed with Turksat 5A communications satellite, SpaceX owned by the company Falcon 9 rocket was launched into space with. Having a 20 percent share of localization, the satellite will settle into orbit after a journey of about four months.

Türksat 5A satellite, maneuver life and our frequency and orbit rights in 31 degrees East orbit For 30 years will secure. Turkey, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Central West Africa, South Africa, the Mediterranean, the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea in a region that covers TV broadcasting and satellite, which will provide data communications services, To 10 kW power Will have.

turksat 5a communication satellite

The fourth generation satellites in Turkey Turksat 5AIts maneuver and service life will be much longer compared to our other satellites. Making statements about throwing the date Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, “With Türksat 5A, we will be one of the leading countries using the new Ku band” said.

5A will be the most powerful satellite of the Türksat fleet electric propulsion system Stating that they had the opportunity to install more communication systems on the satellite, the Minister said. “Half an hour after the launch, Türksat 5A will leave the second floor of the rocket. We expect to receive the first signal 35 minutes after leaving. Approximately 4 months and 20 days after the launch, the satellite will reach its orbit at 31 degrees east longitude. We are planning to activate after the tests that will take 1 month. He spoke in the form.

We are seeing Türksat 5A satellite live in space!


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