Türksat 5A is in space! Here are the historical moments

Türksat 5A satellite this morning Sent into space from Florida. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Türksat, Airbus and SpaceX organization realized in partnership with ShiftDelete.Net He brought it to the screen live from the YouTube channel. SDN Founder Hakkı Alkan was the moderator of the joint broadcast attended by Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu. The broadcast was broadcast simultaneously from many news channels.

Türksat 5A was sent off live

Türksat 5A communication satellite, manufactured in the facilities of Airbus Defense and Space in Toulouse, France Sent to the Cape Canaveral Space Launch Center in Florida. Satellite, after pre-launch preparations Elon Musk’s company Space X’s Falcon 9 rocket was launched into space with.SDN team understands that Turkey is locked ShiftDelete.Net YouTube gave live from his channel. The broadcast was linked to the live broadcast, attended by Minister Karaismailoğlu and presented by Hakkı Alkan.

Türksat 5A satellite, with its maneuver life 31° The frequency and orbit in the eastern orbit will secure our rights for 30 years. Türksat 5A with 10 kW power, Turkey, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Central West Africa, South Africa, the Mediterranean, the Aegean Sea and Black Sea It will provide TV broadcasting and data communication services in a geography that covers the region.

Türksat 5A publication presented Hakkı Alkan

While Türksat 5A satellite was successfully launched from SpaceX’s facility in Florida, instant developments regarding this historical event were transmitted live from Ankara. The live broadcast of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure YouTube channel was presented by the Founder of ShiftDelete.Net, Hakkı Alkan. The broadcast was also broadcast on many news channels. Transport and Infrastructure Minister participating in the broadcast Fair Karaismailoğlu, Turkey has made some striking explanations concerning matters that come in this area.

Turksat 5A Karaismailoğlu project, saying that a source of pride for all of Turkey, launch and monitor all the world, he said. Stating that the coverage area will expand significantly with the new communication satellite, the Minister said that Türksat 6A, which is planned to be launched in 2022, will be produced entirely with domestic facilities. Karaismailoğlu “Our satellite will serve for 30 years. We will send two more satellites in two years, “We will be much stronger in space homeland,” he said.

turksat 5A

Turksat 5A communication satellite features

Here is information about the 20 percent of the satellite:

– The Türksat 5A satellite, designed and manufactured by Airbus Defense and Space, was produced and tested in England and France.

– With Payload Module, also called Communication Module, structural panels were produced in England.

– Later, Communication Module and Platform Modules were brought to France and coupling was done in France. Satellite level tests were also carried out in Toulouse, France.

– Satellite is Eurostar-3000EOR satellite based.

– Türksat 5A weighs 3500 kg.

– The satellite carries 42 Ku band transponders.

– Türksat has two openable solar panels that provide more than 12 Kw power to the satellite along with 5A batteries.

– With Türksat 5A coming into service, the number of active communication satellites in space will increase to 4 with Türksat 3A, Türksat 4A and Türksat 4B.

The satellite will serve in 31 degrees east orbit.

– Türksat 5A satellite will secure its frequency and orbit rights in orbit for 30 years with its maneuver life.

– One of the features that makes Türksat 5A satellite special is the “Electric Propulsion System”.

– Thanks to the Electric propulsion system, which creates less mass compared to the chemical propulsion system, it has been possible to install more communication systems on the satellite.

– Half an hour after launch, Türksat 5A will leave the second floor of the rocket.

– The first signal is expected to be received 35 minutes after leaving.

Turksat 5A will take about four months to enter orbit.

– After the tests that will take 1 month, the satellite will be activated.

– If everything goes well, the satellite is expected to start service in the second quarter of this year.

– With the commissioning of Türksat 5A, we will add the Middle East and Africa to our coverage area, in addition to the east and west.

– After 5A, Türksat 5B will be another satellite to be launched. The construction work of Türksat 5B is coming to an end. The launch will take place in 2021.

– Turksat 5A and 5B for Turkey’s new generation communication satellite frequency rights while maintaining the future will have to obtain new frequency rights.

– Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu also gave a date for Türksat 6A satellite. In 2022, Türksat 6A will be another satellite launched into space.


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