Turkey took the second step in the investigation WhatsApp

WhatsApp launched an investigation into the cause of the new agreement, which Turkey’s discussions while the Personal Data Protection Authority Chairman Faruk came a new statement from Biliran. Bilir announced that information and documents were requested from WhatsApp.

Faruk Bilir made a statement regarding the investigation conducted on WhatsApp, which makes the adoption of the new privacy policy mandatory for the use of the application, including the sharing of some personal information with companies belonging to Facebook.

KVKK requested information and documents from WhatsApp

Explaining that the investigation by the Personal Data Protection Board, the decision-making body of the institution, is carried out in terms of basic principles, data processing conditions, elements of data transfer abroad and explicit consent, and whether explicit consent is bound to the service condition, Bilir said, “Notifications were made to WhatsApp, information and documents were requested. We are followers of the process, ”he said.

WhatsApp on January 4th “Privacy policy”and started sending notifications to its users to accept the updated policies. The company, which gave users until February 8 for the approval of new conditions, including the sharing of many data such as account information, messages, location information with companies belonging to Facebook, announced that otherwise, the application would not be available.

After receiving intense criticism from users regarding this decision, WhatsApp made a statement, “European Region” announced that its users will not be affected by this update. This situation, which was considered as a double standard, further increased the reactions. millions of users from around the world and Turkey beep, Telegram and Signal had record. WhatsApp announced that it was delaying the update until May 15 after intense reactions.


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