Turkey on alert for reprisals from the US digital tax

United States Trade Representative (USTR) as well as Turkey Italy and Indiamade a remarkable statement for the digital taxes that are being applied in Stating that the system currently in use does not comply with international procedures, he explained that the USA has the right to respond in the same way.

U.S. Trade Representative Office found unreasonable

USTR report in India, Italy and Turkey as a reasonable method of taxation administration, voiced the currently used system to punish American companies. It was also emphasized that no measures have been taken on this issue at the moment, but all available options are still being evaluated.

France was one of the first countries to receive sanctions for digital tax. Approximate per year on French cosmetics, handbags and other imports to France in retaliation 1.3 billion dollars percent worth 25The representative office taking the decision to implement the customs tariff of 20, He had set January 6 as the deadline.

U.S. Trade Representative Office, Turkey, stickers yet decided on Italy and India. However, in these days when the USA is experiencing internal turmoil, such events are likely to be suspended for a while. It is unclear whether the necessary sanctions regarding the digital taxation issue will begin as planned.

Institution responsible for such incidents USTR and Customs and Border Protection Spokespersonsdid not respond to requests for comment. USTR Finally, Turkey, France, the digital tax imposed by India and Italy Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon He concluded that there was discrimination against major US tech companies like


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