Turkey is a big investment from a Chinese phone manufacturer

Many smartphone manufacturers have recently to invest in Turkey thinks to take the decision. Samsung and Xiaomi Although no official steps have yet been taken by companies such as Oppo, in the past weeks will officially open a factory had approved. Another Chinese phone maker after Oppo Tecno firm also decided to invest in Turkey took.

The first phone will be produced in Turkey, Released in March is planned.

Tecno Chinese phone manufacturer, will invest $ 25 million to Turkey

A Chinese smartphone manufacturer Tecno, It decided to invest in Turkey. The decision to invest in projects in Turkey 25 million dollars such a large amount is planned to be spent. The investment is expected to start as soon as possible, also the first phone produced in Turkey Ready in March and expected to meet with users.

Although its name is not known in our country yet Tecno by company will be invested in Turkey Afterwards, the manufacturer is expected to make a name for himself. In 2020 Revenue at the level of $ 1 billion The producer who acquired his factory To open in Pendik plans. The phone will be produced in Turkey as the first priority is scheduled to address users in Turkey.

in Turkey since December Tecno, some smart phone models Turkey guaranteed offers for sale as. Among these phones Spark 6, Camon 16 Premier and Pova While the models are included, the phones 2,800 TRY with It ranged between TL 4,000 we can say.

Production facility will be in Pendik

phones will be produced in Turkey If the factory to be established for In Pendik will take place. After the establishment of the factory is completed, production will start quickly and The first phone manufactured in Turkey in March will be available. If the phone to be produced is more targeting the very middle segment Waiting.

What do you think about the investment made? Which brand would you like to open factories in Turkey?


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