TikTok trend resulted in the death of 10-year-old girl

TikTok trend came to the fore with the death of a little girl this time. The popular platform, which has been mentioned with the news of banning from time to time in some countries, is now restricted to underage users with a news from Italy.

In Euronews, where very little details about the incident were given in the news, A 10-year-old girl living in Palermo died while trying a challenge at TikTok. After the incident, which was immediately handled by the Italian government, a temporary restriction came in the country until February 15, 2021.

The number of people who lost their lives is increasing with the TikTok trend: An investigation has been launched for TikTok

The trends and challenges launched on popular platforms such as TikTok and Instagram can reach really dangerous proportions. We saw the last example of this in Italy. The little girl who shot a video from her TikTok account to join a popular trend died at the age of 10. Thereupon, TikTok, which had already attracted dark clouds in Europe, was restricted for a temporary period in Italy.

Italian Data Protection AuthorityAccording to the statement made by (GPDP), there are some difficulties in determining the age of users who are members of TikTok. For example, young people who are not adults can mark their age older when registering with the application and use the application without any restrictions. Announcing that it has started work to prevent this, GPDP restricts TikTok in the first place after the painful incident, albeit temporarily.


Head of the childhood and adolescent commission in Italy Licia RonzulliIn a statement he made on his Twitter account, he said that the decision was both timely and correct. Emphasizing that the digital security of children should be protected, Ronzulli says that the necessary work should be done to prevent the incident in Palermo from happening again.

In a statement made by the Palermo Public Prosecutor’s Office, it was announced that the girl died due to drowning and that TikTok started its investigation on the grounds that TikTok was ‘provoking suicide’.

Before this incident happened, TikTok’s record in Italy was not very good. GPDP in December, on the grounds that attention was not paid to the protection of children Don’t blame on TikTok directed. He was already menial on the grounds that users under the age of 13 can easily enter the platform and have a weak policy on ‘age restriction’. TikTok is expected to deal with this issue after the incident.


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