TikTok surpasses YouTube

Social media platform TikTokIn December 2020 mobile application with the highest revenue happened. Platform; It has managed to overtake a more established application like YouTube.

TikTok’s achievement of this successful statistic, Turkish users its share was high.

TikTok mobile app to get the most revenue, great interest in Turkey

Known for its published mobile application statistics Sensor Towerreleased a new report. According to this report; 2016 TikTok offered to users in 142 million dollars and with this earning it surpassed all its competitors.

TikTok, the mobile application with the highest revenue in December of 2020, has also become the center of attention of Turkish social media users. TurkeyTo TikTok third most profitable country became. Platform’s revenues; 86 percent from China, 7 percent and 2 percent from the United States consists of Turkey.

Mobile application with the highest revenue

YouTube ranks second after TikTok 95 million dollars earned income. YouTube’s revenue compared to the same period last year, 57 percent increased. The country with the highest revenue for YouTube with 52 percent. USA happened.

Third in the list of mobile applications with the highest earnings Tinder while taking part, Disney + fourth, Tencent Video positioned in fifth place.

This report published by Sensor Tower was prepared excluding mobile games.


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