TikTok rival is a new app: Facebook Collab!

Facebook He works very hard so that he does not have a space he does not enter As you know Facebook has not been “just Facebook” for a long time. Facebook, which we started to hear more and more with the incorporation of popular applications such as Instagram and WhatsApp, aims to make a breakthrough with Oculus on the augmented reality side. The company that we encountered with Facebook Gaming before is now phone music maker application Facebook Collab welcomes users with.

Facebook Collab to make music on mobile

Facebook Collab is a mobile application that allows users within the platform to make music collectively through videos they share with each other. To create an alternative for people who turn to mobile applications during the application quarantine process, which is currently open to the use of App Store users for free developed.

The application in question TikTok There are also similarities with. As you know, TikTok, which reaches more and more users every year, has become popular in the sector. Facebook Collab At this point, it wants to compete with TikTok. The biggest claim of this platform, which offers the opportunity to create 15 seconds of video, and its distinguishing feature from other platforms is that it has a pool where users can collaborate.

Facebook Collab-00

The music maker app allows users to combine three separate videos on their phones and thus create a video with music in a short time. These videos can be edited in the collaborative working pool we mentioned. Videos published in the collaborative area can be viewed and can contribute to the creation of a new video.

In the future, the application Android There is no information about whether it will come for users.


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