TikTok lost the leadership to WhatsApp! Here is the new list

SensorTower, which provides us with statistics such as the download of mobile applications, popularity or revenue every month, November data explained. The most downloaded mobile application in the world in October TikTok takes the lead in WhatsApp got carried away.

WhatsApp is the most downloaded mobile application in November

The demand for mobile applications is increasing day by day. This situation, which multiplies the number of downloads, is also reflected in the diversity. SensorTower Prepared for November in the data On the other hand, it draws attention that the users need to communicate is evident. That’s why it’s the most downloaded mobile app worldwide WhatsApp happened.

most downloaded mobile application in november

WhatsApp reached 60 million in total in November recently logged into phones with new downloads. This is also the most downloaded non-game application in the world It also means. 30 percent of the total downloads were from India and 10 percent from Nigeria.

TikTok is the second most downloaded application in the world happened. TikTok, who sat in the leadership seat of last month, respectively; Facebook, Weather & Radar USA, Instagram, Zoom, Snapchat, Messenger, Telegram, SnackVideo followed.

As you can see better from the table below, there are applications whose rankings have changed on both the App Store and Google Play Store in the November list.

So what is your favorite mobile app? Don’t forget to share your comments with the SDN team.

most downloaded mobile application in november


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