‘TikTok is ahead of us’ confession from Instagram CEO

Instagram, which wants to take its competition with TikTok to the next level, is in 2020 Reels has activated the feature. Still not getting the popularity he wanted Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, in his interview TikTok confession came up with.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri is on the agenda with his TikTok confession

Mentioning the Reels feature that was released to users in 2020 in an interview with The Verge, Mosseri stated that he is not satisfied with the new feature yet.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri came up with his TikTok confession

Many users with normal videos IGTV Stating that he does not know the difference, Mosseri said, “We are getting better in terms of people’s use and consumption of new features. However, this is still not enough to get close to TikTok. We have to be honest that TikTok is ahead of us. “He used expressions.

Stating that the team has not taken any steps towards differentiation right now, Mosseri said that TikTok’s to popular currents He underlined that they have not been able to approach yet. Stating that they encourage users with fun filters and effects, Mosseri stated that they continue to work to be in a better position.

Mosseri, ”Reels, yet powerful and innovative to comedy elements not capable of hosting. I think TikTok is more advantageous than us in producing original content and hosting more comedy elements. ”Used expressions.


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