There was one left! TikTok enters the fashion industry

Although TikTok had problems with the USA, it could not prevent it from being the most popular mobile application in the world. In this context, TikTok establishes a cooperation with the USA-based Walmart. In this way, TikTok will offer a live shopping experience for its users with Walmart.

TikTok partnered with Walmart!

Some partnerships are being established through TikTok, which speaks to millions of young people. One of those partnerships is with Walmart. Aiming to offer interesting and new experiences, the company wants to announce its presence in the application. 10 popular TikTokers will be promoting their favorite products at Walmart with an event that will last for a total of 1 hour. Live streaming shopping experience is the first for TikTok, but steps have been taken for e-commerce on the platform for a while.

The system proceeds as follows; During TikTok Live, users can purchase Walmart products from some of the app’s most popular content creators without ever leaving the platform. This application, a first for TikTok in the USA, allows users to shop during live broadcast. knows.

Partnership with TikTok Walmart

In the future Walmart It is expected that this cooperation with Turkey will continue and become a ritual. Whether TikTok will implement different strategies in other countries is yet to be Unknown.


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