The solution against space waste is wooden satellites

Sumitomo Forestry named Japanese company and Kyoto University, He announced that they have joined forces to develop the world’s first wooden satellites by 2023. In this way, the danger posed by the space shuttle waste in the earth’s orbit wooden satellite with the system, it is aimed to disappear.

Plank satellite project will be the solution to space pollution

Kyoto University, has reached an agreement with a forestry company to develop wooden satellites that will be sent into orbit by 2023 to reduce waste in space. Kyoto University professor and Japanese astronaut Takao Doi to the BBC he made in the statementHe said the advantage of a wooden satellite would be that it would emit less harmful particles compared to metal satellites if it fell out of orbit and burned on re-entry. Doi “We are very concerned with the fact that the satellites that re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere burn up and form pieces of metal that will float in the upper atmosphere for years,” he said.


Speaking about space debris, director of the Space Standards and Innovation Center Daniel Oltrogge, “Space debris is becoming increasingly alarming. “The collision of two large space debris objects ranging from 1 to 10 metric tons poses the greatest environmental risk.” Oltrogge Also, although estimates may differ Of CSSI greater than one centimeter in orbit approximately 760.000 he said he believed it was the object.


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