The ‘Professional Clipboard’ for businesses from Instagram

The Professional Clipboard feature move for businesses and content creators came from Instagram. Continuing to develop and offer new features for professional content creators and businesses, Instagram now also supports users with its Professional Clipboard feature. Track Your Performance, Be Aware of Developments and Grow Your Business encounters such options.

Instagram Professional Pano appeals to professionals

Instagram has been developing features for a while to provide a better experience for business and creator accounts. The popular platform, which has added many features to interact more easily, is now Professional Clipboard announced the feature named.

Instagram Professional Pano-01

With the Professional Dashboard feature, users can access many tools from performance measurement to exploring professional tools. In addition, the feature also acts as a center for using functions and accessing educational information.

Track Your Performance With the 30-day statistics of the professional account can be viewed. Grow Your Business in the part of enterprises Shopping features for content producers Badges such vehicles are controlled. As the name suggests Be aware of developments In the section, it is taught how to effectively benefit from educational resources on Instagram.


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