The new method of fraudsters ‘Huawei draw’

There is no secret to fraudulent acts on the Internet. Now, a new method of fraud is around. For a while Huawei Turkey official Instagram page and Web site is making some draws over. There are also those who are scamming on behalf of the company that continues to do this through official channels. Huawei raffle announcement He also made a statement about:

Official statement from the company about the announcement of the Huawei draw

Huawei made a post, not only on social networks such as Twitter and Instagram, but also on WhatsApp, in order not to discredit those who tried to execute this fraud. In the statement made through the company’s social media accounts, there is a warning that users should not fall into the Huawei draw trap.

Huawei Turkey’s official Instagram page In the published statement, it says:

Huawei raffle announcement

“All contest, sweepstakes and campaign announcements made using the HUAWEI name on the internet and social media are carried out to deceive users, regardless of our brand. We kindly request you not to respect the announcement messages other than the campaigns announced on official HUAWEI accounts and published on our website. “

You know, Huawei Turkey’s official accounts is campaigning for a while and was distributing gifts to its users. Especially AppGallery It is also seen that Huawei, which is on the agenda with the sweepstakes made over, took precautions and warned against the new fraud method.


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