The last bend in the advertising ban has been entered

Daily access to the arrangements for the last 1 million social media networks, opening the representative office in Turkey, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram process works. After the fines, the advertising ban is two days into effect.

published in the Official Gazette in July as part of social media law came into force in Turkey in excess of 1 million daily access of foreign-source social network provider, was supposed to inform identify a representative in Turkey. In this context, Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK), Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and Pinterest have not opened a representative office yet.

VKontakte (VK) YouTube, TikTok, Dailymotion and Linkedin from Russia announced that they opened a representative office by following the regulation.

Companies that did not agree to open a representative office were fined 10 million lira in the first step and 30 million lira in the second step, a total of 40 million lira. While the administrative fines application phase within the framework of the law is coming to an end, it is time for the advertising ban. In this context, companies that have not yet appointed a representative will be informed that the time allowed for the start of the advertising ban application has expired as of Tuesday, January 19.

These arrangements from the scope of the social media giant can not take advertising in Turkey on Tuesday. Turkey taxpayers that companies and individuals will also be prohibited from advertising to social networking providers said.

The next sanction for companies that still do not agree to appoint a representative after the advertising ban will be 50% reduction in internet traffic bandwidth 3 months after the advertising ban. If the necessary conditions are not met within 30 days from the implementation of the judge’s decision regarding the acceptance of the application, the President of the BTK will be able to apply to the peace judge to reduce the bandwidth of the social network provider up to 90% this time.


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