The jaw-dropping cost of a trip to the space station

USA based space tourism company Axiom Spacea crew of four persons for an eight-day stay before January 2022. International Space Stationto (ISS) announced that he would send. The cost of this unique journey is 55 million dollars per person.

International Space Station opens for tourism

The International Space Station (ISS), humanity’s home in space, is preparing to open its doors to private citizens. Space tourism company headquartered in Houston, Texas Axiom Spaceannounced that it would send a crew of four to the ISS for eight days.

The firm will pay per person for this stay before January 2022. For 55 million dollars He stated that it would cost 405 million 834 thousand liras with the current exchange rate. The team includes Michael López-Alegría, vice president of Axiom Space and former NASA astronaut, American entrepreneur Larry Connor, Canadian investor and philanthropist Mark Pathy, and Israeli entrepreneur Eytan Stibbe.

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The crew’s journey to the space station, Elon MuskSpaceX, the space transport company owned by Crew Dragon It will take place with the capsule. The New York TimesAccording to the news published in 2018, the price tag for such a trip will be 55 million dollars per person and the people who will go to the ISP From a 15-week training He declared that it would pass.

NASA told ISS for Axiom earlier this month a private room for rent He said he would add. The space station, which weighs 420 tons, is located 408 kilometers from our planet.


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