The first explanation from Turkey following a decision by Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s For the factory to be established in Manisa cancellation decision After the first explanation came from Turkey, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank. Minister Varank stated that Herbert Diess, the senior manager of the company, wrote a letter to him regarding the cancellation decision. He noted that in this letter, it was written that the cancellation decision was due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Commenting on the letter, Minister Varank stated that this is the official statement. However, Minister Varank pointed out that there are state administrators, unions and foreign partners on the board of directors of such companies and stated that the decisions are taken by keeping the balances.

‘Political’ controversy for Volkswagen’s cancellation decision

Receiving the delegation of the Economic Correspondents Association (EMD), Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank also evaluated the investment cancellation from Volkswagen along with the agenda. Minister Varank drew attention to the company’s board of directors, noting that he received a letter from the senior manager. Reminding the members of the board of directors of these companies, Minister Varank said, “They take investment decisions by keeping all these balances. Of course, we knew that there were those who did not want this job politically. ” said.

volkswagen's cancellation decision

Volkswagen’s received cancellation decision Afterwards, political reasons were shown as the reason for this decision. Volkswagen postpone investment decisions in the area of ​​Turkey after setting up the company, he recently decided canceled. In speaking about Varank Minister, he said investing in Turkey will win. He also stated that all investors are treated equally.

Ministers also referred to the tOGGer Varank, has announced the first vehicle in the world that want to send ambassadors to Turkey. “Let our ambassadors proudly get on those vehicles in those countries and drive them on the streets of the countries with our cars. Let them show this to the whole world. I have such a dream. ” Minister Varank said that it would be nice to achieve this.


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