The expected TOGG share has arrived: Here’s a summary of a year

Domestic car TOGG development has been ongoing for a year. Today, the developments made for the domestic car in the last year were shared on TOGG’s social media accounts. From the facilities R&D The many steps taken until its activities increased the enthusiasm for domestic automata …

How was the year 2020 for TOGG? What has been done?

TOGG transparently revealed the last point reached in the domestic automobile initiative with the posts it made on its social media accounts as of 11:00 today. #NewLigde1Year The posts made by TOGG with the tag were welcomed by the followers.

What has been done for TOGG in a year

Sign a letter of intent with Farasis for battery technology TOGG, 6th country to produce batteries for passenger cars contributed to it. In addition, the team working on the nickel-rich battery was able to provide a range advantage. Taking steps for innovative cell development and production in our country, TOGG is very assertive about the battery system of electric vehicles.

The team, which created the technical specifications and equipment list of electric vehicles, also completed subjects such as electrical architecture and power transmission design. In addition to virtual packaging, ergonomics, performance and security simulations advanced driver assistance system and connectivity architecture was also created.

75 percent including 104 in Turkey TOGG providing agreement with suppliers, suppliers of electronics and defense industry as well to the mobility ecosystem included. The team meeting with 200 entrepreneurs, 85 percent of whom are local, for the mobility ecosystem, 50 entrepreneurs and started working with 9 entrepreneurs.

The number of employees, which is 113 people 280 persons TOGG started purchasing machinery and equipment for production.


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