The date of the space station to be established by China has been announced

Who wants to stand out in the space race China, continues to take steps in this direction. According to this China Announced the delivery date of the core module for the manned space station it will establish.

Chinese space station to be completed in 2022

Xinhua News Agency’s to your news by Of china chief designer of the manned space project Zhou Jianping, He stated that early next year the core module of the country’s first space station will be launched. Testing phase completed kernel module Long March 5B The first successful flight of his rocket took place in May. To 2022 It will perform 11 missions in the next 2 years at the station, whose construction is planned to be completed. It was stated that 6 of them were on the flight.

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Stating that the tests are at the last stage Jianping, “SHE ISnext spring China We will begin basic technology testing and construction of the space station. The top priority of our work will be for the spacecraft to operate reliably in orbit and the safety of astronauts. Thus, we will ensure that they can work efficiently and complete their tasks ”.

The Beijing government looks at the project in the long term. Because a moon station is planned to be established by 2045 at the latest. In this direction, with 1.73 kilograms of stone collected from the surface of the moon, Chang’e USA 5 China and Soviets It was the first country that could bring materials since the Union. Space We will see together who will leave this struggle in the race with absolute victory.


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