The application allegedly promoting drugs has returned to the AppStore

Prohibiting practices that promote the consumption or sale of drugs App Store, for breaking community rules Amphetamine removed the application named. But returning from his decision Apple, sleep mode the editor allowed the application to remain on the platform.

Amphetamine, allegedly promoting drugs, returned to AppStore

Apple prevent computers from entering sleep mode macOS application Amphetamine, although he is not related to the drug of the same name Apple’s removed from the store. Apple, 2014 since On the AppStore He told the owner of the found application that he could not be found in the store unless he changed his name and logo, as it encouraged the production and use of drugs, citing community rules.

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But the creator of the application By William C. Gustafson About the subject To The Verge his speech then the company took a step back. Re-apply without making the necessary changes before On the AppStore stating that he cannot take place Apple, He reported that he took a step back and the decision was canceled. Stating that they received an ultimatum in December Gustafson, “To Amphetamine We were given 2 weeks to remove all references to it. Also the pill image on our logo had to go. Otherwise, we would be completely removed on January 12 ”.

Stating that until recently there were no objections or complaints about the name or icon of the app Gustafson, Twitter In his statement over Apple I had a meeting with. The appeal was accepted and Amphetamine on AppStore will stay. “Thank you all for your comments, views and actions,” he said.

In the app store 4.8 to points and about 450,000 having download Amphetamine There was no official statement from the Apple wing regarding the developments for it.


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