The application against the pandemic measures was removed

Apple, Promoting and organizing private parties during the Covid-19 outbreak Vybe Together named iOS based application From the App Store lifted. The creators of the app are responsible for the uninstallation Apple’s He stated that it was done in line with the initiative. Users are not happy with the situation.

Vybe Together, disregarding social distance, was removed

Calling itself a private community set up to party, organize and find itself Vybe Together named application, Pandemic for breaking his rules From the App Store removed. Besides On TikTok The creators of the application whose account was also deleted, The Verge they give in the statement He stated that it was Apple itself who removed the application.


Although the account on the platform has been closed, the company Instagram In his statement over App Store overwhelmed us. We will be back. Follow it to stay up to date, ”he gave the signals that he would not miss him. Those who used the application stated that they were sorry about this incident.

The working system of the application is Instagram it becomes active by adding their profile and sending photos of their party. Actions by application eOnce activated, other users can apply to join the parties and their participation is sent to the party organizers. People whose requests are approved receive the information of the relevant address 2 hours before the event in question.

on the other hand TikTok, page with only 139 followers and 3 videos in its own app He said he was removed for violating community rules. As known Covid-19 in America Within the framework of the social distance rules brought about by the pandemic, events such as parties are not allowed.


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