Technology giants ‘Trump’ call

USA President Donald Trump due to his lost election protest organized a purposeful rally. Trump’s supportersin Washington DC after the rally raided the congress building and the country is mixed. Technology giants who are not silent in this situation Trump be impeached made a call. Among the companies that support this view Pfizer and Toyota include companies like.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai: lawlessness and violence

Pfizer with Toyota Including companies such as and consisting of more than 14,000 companies US National Manufacturers AssociationDemanded that Trump be dismissed. Companies, January 20He explained that the handover ceremony in ‘should not be expected.

Technology giants Trump except at his call, Google CEO‘water Sundar Pichai also made a statement on the subject. Pichai for the problem raised by Trump supporters ”Lawlessness and violence is the opposite of democracy we condemnMade the comment.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Censorship came to Trump from social media platforms

The tech world’s first reaction to Donald Trump censor It had been applied. Trump Firstly, twitter He was restricted by the social media giant on the grounds that he made misleading posts on the subject.

Soon after this decision Facebook and Instagram A similar decision was made by Social media giant Trump has been banned from sharing for 24 hours due to his posts about the raid on the congress.


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