Tab for ‘TikTok and Instagram’ in Google searches

We know that social media platforms have turned to short videos especially after TikTok. Added to other platforms one by one ‘short video’ feature Now it attracts the attention of Google and is testing a new feature. Short videos on Google mobile searches preparing to add tab. Instagram and TikTok videos This feature, which will show directly in the search bar, will take its place in the short videos tab.

Google adds tabs for short videos in mobile searches

Google is experimenting with its feature that makes it easier to search and find short videos that are highly popular with users. The feature that is currently in testing phase on Techcrunch to the news it’s actually a project that Google has been working on for a while. The feature that caught the attention of software developers is a Google It was confirmed by the official.

This new feature, which is in the test phase, is actually based on the logic of users to show them separately if there is an Instagram or TikTok video when they search. As far as it is said, this feature is being tested for the mobile side and it can be used by a very limited number of people. Let us say that this feature, which is unknown whether it will be moved to the desktop side in the future, has just been discovered.

Searches in the new feature look like this:

Short videos on google mobile search-00

As you know, Google already has the videos tab. It is quite remarkable that short videos, which is a similar feature, will also appear in the search results because there are millions of people who search for and watch Instagram and TikTok videos. Google is coming to make these people’s job easier.


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