Surprise resignation in domestic car TOGG

TOGG (Turkey’s Cars Initiative Group of Industry and Trade Co.) in an unexpected resignation came the news. BMC Chairman of the Board Ethem SancakTOGG Board Membership resigned. The person to replace Sancak was Bülent Denkdemir.

Bülent Denkdemir replaced Ethem Sancak

Chairman of the Board of BMC Following the resignation of Ethem Sancak, BMC Chief Executive Officer For Bülent Denkdemir to come unanimity It was decided with. Denkdemir’s takeover will take place after Sancak completes his term of office.

TOGG Details about the new name, Ethem Sancak, who resigned from his job at the company, were also a matter of curiosity. So who is Bülent Denkdemir?

Who is Bülent Denkdemir

Who is Bülent Denkdemir?

Denkdemir; Sabanci University‘Why, Master of Management He graduated from the (MBA) program. Before his graduation, in 2001, in the second year of his master’s degree, he prepared a project at the pharmaceutical distribution company Hedef Alliance Holding. After graduation, he started to work at Hedef Alliance.

In 2002, Denkdemir was promoted to business development director at the same company. Business people who climbed the promotion levels one by one within the company in the following years, 2005 in the year Holding Deputy General Manager happened. At the same time, he is still Target Alliance He continues to serve as Chief Executive Officer of the company’s activities in Turkey. Denkdemir will also take part in TOGG when Ethem Sancak completes his term of office.


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