Spotify offers this year’s summary: New listings!

Spotify Wrapped, 2020 tells your listening habits in a story-style format. Each year, which reflects which tracks users listen to the most, their favorite styles and artists Spotify, this year’s user activity also shared. Let’s take a look at what Spotify has to offer, announcing 6 new features:

With Spotify Wrapped you can look into the year 2020

Spotify users every year Which artists you listen to the mostinforms the user about how many hours of listening to music and many details before the end of the year. Spotify users While learning which genres they listen to the most, they can see which song they liked most and which period’s music they listened to most with the prepared lists. This year, Spotify offers this to users in a different format: Story format!

The 2020 summary, which appears on the homepage, also offers some new details. The first of these is the in-app exams. You have not heard wrong, you are faced with tough questions from the podcasts you listen to the most to the music you listen to the most, the results provided by Spotify asking you to guess the ten years you listened to the most. may surprise.

Spotify Wrapped-00

The list prepared specially for me is as follows, in-app game feature on the far right

From the 100 songs you listen to the most to the number of minutes you listen to, detailed statistics are provided on many subjects. Spotify is also available for its premium users depending on the way they listen new badges brings. New personalized playlistsconsists of the songs you listened to this year. Wrapped created by Spotify is open to you even if you are not a user.

The above mentioned personalized lists, both Spotify’s Android as well as iOS Available for users using the version.


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