Spark AR course for Instagram filters from Facebook

Facebook has been offering content producers for a while. Spark AR opened a course for Accordingly, you can take a 7-hour course to improve Instagram filters. Again Facebook AR app SparkIt is possible to download it to your computer without paying any fees.

“How to make Instagram filters?” Course response to the question

Instagram filters For content creators who want to create Facebook Spark AR program has been in use for a while. Primarily opened for content producers, the Spark platform allowed content producers to create augmented reality-based filters for use in ads and content.

The program, which was later opened to all users and allowed to download, can be complex for most users, even content producers. Although on YouTube Spark Although there are videos about Facebook Spark for 7 hours has opened a free course.

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This link You can go to the course page and register with your Facebook profile. However, it should be added that the course is in English. The course consists of three stages. First course 1 hour 9 minutes in length and Spark AR Basic information about the subject is explained.

How to make Instagram filters with Spark AR? The answer to the question was given in the second course, which is 3.9 hours long. In this chapter, Features of the Spark AR program and how to use it in detail told. The latest information about AR effects is explained in the third part, which is 50 minutes long.

Facebook augmented reality program SparkHave you tried before? We are waiting your comments.


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