SpaceX to take four civilians into space this year

Elon Musk’s space company SpaceXwill take four special people into space this year with the Crew Dragon capsule. Upcoming mission Inspiration4 the space company described by name, “world’s first civil mission“Its remarkable mission is in the last quarter of this year. Kennedy Space Centerplans to realize from.

Various trainings will be given to everyone participating in the flight

One of its goals St. Jude Child Research Hospital Founder of Shift4 and Payments with the role of commander at the beginning of the expedition to raise money for Jared isaacman will take place.

For this purpose, Isaacman will donate two of the three remaining seats in the Dragon capsule to someone in the community. Also, one of the ways to join Inspiration4 will be to donate to the hospital.

In addition to your multi-day journey around the world Florida Let us state that it will end on the shores.

SpaceX- Crew Dragon-03

Also, everyone participating in the flight will be trained by SpaceX, along with the course that addresses things like orbital mechanics and how to move in zero gravity. In addition to this training, training will be provided on how to use a spacesuit and how to respond to emergency developments.

Inspiration4SpaceX’s only ever NASA Let us point out that it is the second special mission he has planned for the Crew Dragon capsule that transports the astronauts to the International Space Station.

Finally, early next year, SpaceX is on a ten-day journey to the ISS, each 55 million He also plans to fly four commercial astronauts for the dollar.


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