SpaceX is on the agenda with FAA license violation

SpaceX, which has come to the fore especially in the field of satellite internet, Starship SN8 He carried out his test. To the company FAA license violation It was announced that an investigation was opened.

SpaceX facing investigation for FAA license violation

Developed by Tübitak and Aselsan about 1 week ago ASELSAT 3U Cube satellite SpaceX, which sends it to space, continues to perform rocket tests.

SpaceX is on the agenda with FAA license violation

The Starship SN8 test flight violated the FAA license for an unexplained reason. For this reason, the company, which delayed the SN9 prototype flights, faced an investigation.

An FAA spokesperson said, “It will not compromise its responsibility to protect public safety. “He used expressions. Elon Musk, who made a statement on this subject, said, “FAA has advanced rules on aircraft. But the space division basically has a lot of problems. Under these rules, humanity will never It will not be able to reach Mars. ” said.

2014 in the year the right to compete for military launches The company underlined that it is determined to bring new generation rockets together with space. Many analysts point out that FAA rules are behind the times when reusable rockets are popular.


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